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Fi-Shock ESP2M-FS Electric Fence Energizer FENCER SOLAR 6V BATT 5 MILE   Fi-Shock ESP10M-FS Electric Fence Charger
This solar powered electric fence energizer is ideal for areas without electricity. Aids in preventing damage from animal mischief. For small pets and small animals like rabbits, chickens, dogs etc. Keeps pets in your yard and unwanted critters out of your garden, flowers, shrubbery and garbage. The solar powered low-impedence energizer has a built-in solar panel and a 4 volt battery. Resists shorts when fence is in contact with weeds and grass. Works for up to 2 miles. 5 mile solar low impedance charger. 360 degree rotation allows charger to rotate on T-Post to face the sun. Use with steel, aluminum, poly wire, poly rope or poly tape. Low-impedance technology allows for longer battery life. Electric fence controller controls cattle, horse, swine, dogs and sheep. 6 volts. 10 mile radius.
Parmak Solar Pak 6 DF-SP-LI Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger CHARGER U/L FNC SOLAR 30MI 12V
Features exclusive built-in performance meter. Shocks through wet weeds and brush. Laser trimmed, computer precision, solid state circuitry provides reliable, low impedance shock to end of fence. For livestock control in small to medium size pastures. At a glance built-in performance meter shows you the fence condition; good, marginal or bad. Will operate for 21 days in total darkness on a fully charged battery. Totally weather proof for outdoor use. Comes complete with sealed 6 volt gel battery. Ready for use. Charges up to 25 miles of fence. Solar panel with superior charging power eliminates battery recharging. The sun's energy charges the fencer by day and a sealed 12 volt rechargeable battery powers the fencer at night providing maximum shock.  Strong, durable aluminum frame. Battery included. 30 mile range.