Eco Insulation Rolls Online

Saving energy with insulation rolls reduces the amount of fossil fuels necessary to heat buildings of all sizes. This type of conservation should be at the forefront of commercial and residential builders’ minds, and buying Knauf insulation online at Bonanza Hardware is one smart way to achieve the goal of more efficient construction.

Knauf is committed to providing “green” solutions for builders and homeowners who want to invest in better insulation and support the ongoing quest for sustainability. Try external wall insulation made from renewable resources like sand, which makes up the majority of these fiberglass insulation rolls. Reflective insulation, including the seven-layer tab insulation from Reflectix, also improves efficiency by reducing heat loss in homes by up to 40 percent and blocking at least 94 percent of the radiant energy coming in from the sun. With this insulation in place, homes require less cooling in the summer and retain more heat in the winter, saving homeowners money and minimizing the fuel needed to maintain a comfortable temperature. Place your order for one of these insulation options today – or reach out to us with any questions you have!

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