Door Lock Installation Template

Whether you’re building a new home, working on commercial construction or renovating an existing location, upgrading to more secure locks is essential. Modern security measures make residential and commercial buildings safer, but strong locks are still necessary to deter intruders and ensure the protection of valuable items.

With the strike-and-latch door lock installation template from Porter-Cable, it’s easy to determine the exact location and placement for locks on doors ranging from 1.375 to 1.75 inches in thickness. Use the door lock template to make precise measurements and ensure the lock is positioned correctly. Poor installation undermines the security benefits of a new door lock installation and may do more harm than good.

The included mortising router bit helps with lock installation and ensures routed areas are the right size and shape. Openings in the template for the latch plate allow for the use of different plate sizes and give you a choice of the design of your new lock. With this template in your toolkit, it’s easy to install strong, secure locks for home or commercial use.